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I frequently make typos, miscalculations, or other careless errors at work.

I talk more than others, or more than I think I should.

I often find it hard to follow along with lectures or long conversations, even ones I'm involved in.

I usually put tasks off until the last minute.

I find it easy to sit still for long periods of time.

When someone asks me to complete an important task, I usually do so without being reminded.

It's hard for me to get started on tasks that I know will require a lot of focus and effort.

I'm always losing my keys, my wallet, or other important items.

I find waiting in line to be excruciating.

When someone asks me a question, I often start answering before they've finished speaking.

When I need to make a important decision, I spend a lot of time thinking it through.

I often get distracted by random thoughts that pop into my head.

If someone else is talking or making noise while I’m working, it's hard for me to stay focused.

I get easily frustrated or upset.

I often get so absorbed in my hobbies that I feel disconnected from the rest of the world.

I usually pay my bills on time.

I feel uncomfortable if I’m not moving, even just fidgeting my fingers or jiggling my leg.

I sometimes do things that I know are foolish or dangerous.

I find it easy to sit quietly and read a book.

I often find myself butting into conversations I’m not a part of or speaking over other people.

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