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Initial Psychiatric Evaluation is used to diagnose problems with memory, thought processes, and behaviors. Diagnoses can include depression, anxiety, grief, OCD, and PTSD. The provider will assess and diagnose each client via telemedicine using several screening tools. The initial behavioral intake evaluation can take up an hour session that helps to identify each area of concern. Once these areas are identified, a treatment plan is customized for that individual client. We will discuss treatment options, other interventions, and follow-up visits.

Medication management involves the evaluation and management of psychotropic medications used to treat adult mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, grief, OCD, and PTSD, and others. Medication(s) can be managed through e-prescribing if a patient has a preferred pharmacy on file. Routine checks to ensure the client is medication compliant. The client can also use apps as a reminder.

Follow-up visits can take up to 30 minutes a session to assess the effectiveness of treatment and the client’s current symptoms. The client is also provided with an option to include psychotherapy, which can be delivered in individual sessions. Deliver interventions such as education about mental health conditions and skills coaching.

The pre-surgical psychological evaluation covers several issues that pertain to your weight and your decision to have bariatric surgery. The evaluation is one piece of a multi-disciplinary assessment that involves pulling together information gathered from the medical, surgical, nutritional, and psychiatric team members.

Men and women who carry significant extra weight often face problems related to physical and occupational functioning, both due to their size and chronic ailments. Being physically unable to do the things they love—such as attend fun events, travel, or visit with friends and family—can lead to social isolation, loneliness, and more difficulty coping with life’s hardships. Chronic pain on its own has been linked to depression. Good health and happiness are things we all deserve, at every age. A balanced, holistic treatment plan can help improve your mood and outlook while empowering you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Both men and women can experience low libido for a variety of reasons, including, stress, lack of high-quality rest (another menopausal problem), and hormonal imbalance. The connection between sexual dysfunction and mental health goes both ways, too. Having problems in the bedroom can lead to feeling anxious about intimacy and depression, but the reverse is also true. Studies have shown that mental health conditions, such as depression, also contribute to sexual dysfunction.

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